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Welcome to Sacramento Electronic Supply's Webstore.

Please contact us if you have questions or need a quote. We have a $25.00 Minimum Order. Also visit us at our Clearance Store.

Featured Products
5300FE 1000ft 18/2 Shielded Stranded Cable
SKU: 5300FE
0.0 Out Of 5 (0.0 on 0)
Belden 5300FE 0081000 1000ft CMR, CMG Belden 5300FE 18/2 Shielded Stranded Cable
Jacket Color:
5402UE 1000ft 20/4 Unshielded Control Cable
SKU: 5402UE
0.0 Out Of 5 (0.0 on 0)
1000ft Belden 5402UE 20/4 Stranded Unshielded Non-Plenum Audio/Control Cable. Security Systems, Intercom/PA Systems, Sound/Audio Systems, Power Limited Controls, and Single Line Telephone
660ZT Trouble Shooter Sewn Tool Case with 29 Sewn Tool Pockets
SKU: 660ZT
0.0 Out Of 5 (0.0 on 0)
Platt 660ZT Tool Cases ID (L x W x D): 12 1/2in x 10in x 2in.